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published Christmas 2002

“FROM the Internet to your doorstep.” This is the guarantee that an e-shopping website aptly named, has promised to deliver. This time around there will be no more major headaches just to get that beautiful pair of shoes from Nine West to your doorstep.

Though the term “global village” has been bandied around by world leaders and business tycoons, it seems that the village has not yet accommodated the needs of the Filipino. Out of all the shopping sites that are available online, “85% will not ship out of the U.S.” says Paolo Abad, VP-CIO of

What do you do if you’re living here in the Philippines? You can ask your beloved Balikbayan to bring home the pasalubong you want, banking on their good taste and judgment. You can also throw caution to the winds and gamble on the Customs system here in the Philippines. That might mean an even higher price to pay for those Nine West shoes. Or you can get it online with

With other shopping sites, once you’ve clicked that Buy button and the package has been sent, it’s time to start praying that it’ll get to you. Your order goes through any site online, their procurement office orders that item for you, ships the item through their own reliable freight service, Orient Freight International. And, delivers it right on your doorstep… all these with just a click of your mouse. is not a merchandising site. It does not carry any particular brand. You choose the item, they buy it for you. It acts as a portal to any shopping site that you want to shop in. By registering on, free of charge, you can start browsing through a catalog of over 300 merchant sites around the world. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you are free to type in the merchant’s web address on’s browser located at the bottom of your screen. The world then becomes your virtual shopping mall.

Once you’ve found that perfect item, click the Buy button not on the merchant site but on’s browser. This brings up a window containing the item price, shipping and handling fee and any taxes & duties involved. This will calculate the total cost of your purchase which they call your “guaranteed door-delivered price.” This final price also takes into account any discounts that merchant offers their shoppers. E-2-door eliminates any surprises on your bill. gives you the convenience you’ve been looking for. Now, the latest items from merchants such as GAP, Nine West, and J. Crew are available to you here and now. You don’t have to keep waiting for last season’s imports to get to our local shops. Once you’ve clicked that button, all you have to do is wait. keeps you updated on the entire progress of the delivery through a systematic email notification. No more guessing games.

With all of these features going for them, there is still one questions left to ask. How do I pay? has this essential part covered. You can pay even with a Philippine issued credit card. Your information is secured with’s Verisign certification and encryption through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. You may also debit your UCPB back account or your ATM card with Allied Bank, Banco Filipino, Chinatrust, Chinabank, Manila Bank, Metrobank and RCBC. Finally, if your purchase really runs up the bill you can opt to take advantage of their Deferred payment program that lets you pay in monthly installments of three, six, nine of twelve months with your Citibank account.

E-2-door makes sure you get the items you want in mint condition. How about damaged items? is prepared to shoulder the costs. What if your item becomes defective after only a few months with you? helps you return that item to the merchant for repairs. They have also set up a customer service line toll free for those problems that need a little more attention.

This great shopping idea was the brainchild of the company’s enterprising president, Monchu Garcia. Currently servicing more than 7,500 customers in the Philippines, looks to the future with bright energy and enthusiasm as it recently celebrated its anniversary last October. So, if you’ve grown weary of the same items every time you window shop, it’s time to shop and open yet another kind of window.


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