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The Coconut Nut

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published June 2003

ALMOST everything that surrounds us today is artificial. The comforts that we find in our homes and areas of work have invariably gone through some process that makes it more palatable or suitable for us. However, our own sciences have increasingly found that the Nature has wisdom of her own. What we have manufactured, Nature already has an answer to it… and one of these answers is our own coconut.

The coconut has been used by many cultures for hundreds of years and has earned the reputation of being, “The Tree of Life” because of its many medicinal and nutritional qualities especially that of its derivative - coconut oil.

The coconut oil is a deadly enemy for a host of viruses, bacteria, fungus, yeasts and parasites like SARS, HIV, Streptococcus Epidermis, Neisseria Gonorrhea, Ringworms and Head Lice. It reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other degenerative diseases. Coconut oil is not deposited as fats in the body and thus helps promote weight loss. It is also a natural nutrient source that improves nutrient absorption and digestion. Furthermore, it provides an immediate energy source by boosting metabolism without gaining weight. As if these weren’t enough, it also helps keep our skin smooth and prevents the onset of wrinkles. The coconut oil is truly one of nature’s wonders.

While coconut oils can be derived in a crude manner, it has been found that the healthiest kind is that of the virgin coconut oil such as Matling’s Coco Royale Coconut Oil. Unlike other coconut oils, it has not been subjected to high heat, boiling or harsh and toxic chemicals that counters the coconut oil’s natural health benefits. Coco Royale Coconut Oil is derived from a hygienic processing of fresh matured coconuts. Thus, it results in a fresh, pure grade coconut oil.

An illustration of the Philippine landscape would not be complete without these coconut trees in the background. However, it is only now that interest is once again emerging on this precious panacea.

Coconuts in the country have been mainly used to produce copra. This raw material only garners a meager price in the market because of its raw state. Though many farmers’ livelihood depends on this product, it has been able to support them only in a minimal capacity. By selling their coconuts for coconut oil, these farmers are able to get a better price due to added value on their product. Sam Latay, Rare Earth president and part-owner says, “The on going rate for extra virgin coconut oil is Php 200 to Php 1,000 per liter, compare that to Php40 per bottle of cooking oil.” Consequently, these Filipino farmers are able to live better lives.

Rare Earth is the exclusive distributor of Matling Industrial and Commercial Corporation’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Their vision says Latay is “for the Philippines to be the number one source of [the] best quality virgin coconut oil.” They are making this vision a reality through their partnership with Matling Industrial and Commercial Corporation, who produce the extra virgin coconut oil in Lanao del Sur.

This seven-month old company is dreaming big by targeting not only the local market but also the world. With part-owners that have a background in information technology, they have already set up their website effectively wiring them into the world. They are also supported by the Center for International Trade, Exposition and Mission under the Department of Trade and Industry and the Philippine Coconut Authority.

This young company is certainly off on a strong and steady start. Not only are they able to survive in a difficult economic situation but they are also able to uplift the lives of many coconut farmers. Though the coconut has long been forgotten, it may just be the Philippines’ solution to its economic woes.


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