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CEAE works with Museo Pambata

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Manila— July 13, 2004—Last July 11, the Center for Environmental Education (CEAE) and Museo Pambata treated teenagers from Sta. Mesa and preschoolers from the fire-stricken compound of Baseco to a day of fun learning. The day was spent touring the facilities of Museo Pambata and capped off with a short workshop facilitated by Gel Santos and Froilan Grate of CEAE.

Held amidst the forest background of Museo Pambata’s Kalikasan room, the children became avid students learning about the wonders of an often-forgotten resource—water. After a short lecture on the importance, uses and scarcity of water, the children finally got to exercise their bodies as well as their minds as they competed in a relay race designed to put to practice the valuable lessons they learned during the lecture. Finally, the children caught their breaths as they sat down to listen to an original short story relating the life of little Maria and her mother in a town with only one well as a source of water. In the process, the children were introduced to historical tidbits about water consumption in the Philippines before the time of plumbing.

It is often said that children are the keys to the future. If so, investing in children’s quality education is investing in growth for the Philippines. This is the shared vision of CEAE and Museo Pambata. By offering avenues for experiential learning, children learn to think and discriminate. One day, these same children might make the crucial decisions for the Philippines. They will need a solid foundation of education to help them in decision making.

CEAE knows full well that education is the key to a sustainable future. It is at the helm of two of the most widely used and successfully implemented environmental education programs available in the Philippines, Project Water Education for Teachers (Project WET) and Project Learning Tree (PLT). It offers training on these programs to educators, parents, socially-active individuals – indeed, anyone with a passion to give of themselves. With CEAE, environmental education is integrated with plain old Science, Math and English, to produce effective and quality education that engages the Filipino youth’s creativity and critical thinking.

CEAE is actively looking for volunteers who are willing to give their time and effort to uplift their communities. There are many venues for interested volunteers such as administrative and database management, research and development, training, finance and fund raising.

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