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Great Vacations Travel Planner
Edited by: Esther Capistrano
Text by: Carren Jao
Design and Layout by: Candice Jihan Uy

Great Vacations is for travelers wishing to make the most out of their planned getaways. While for some travel maybe a pedestrian affair, needing no further thought than preparing for another day at work, there are those who are willing to savor each part of the traveling process, building their anticipation until they are fairly beaming with excitement. If you are so, Great Vacations is meant for you.

Great Vacations is sectioned into three parts that make up every traveling experience- preparation, travel proper, and retrospection. Each section contains helpful captions that will guide you through its proper use. Planning lists, travel tips, and reference materials are also available to ensure that no stone is left unturned as you travel. Great Vacations also invites you to savor your traveling experience by leaving spaces for you to jot down memorable moments or thoughts along the way. As one notable trip happens one after another, Great Vacations can be filed together, building a library of memories to be enjoyed on more than one occasion.

By using Great Vacations, we hope to lessen the hassle of changing your routine and increase the excitement of your travel. With this wish, we bid you welcome to the beginning of your great vacation!

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