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Text by: Carren Jao
Published: MEGA December 2008

Give your soles the irresistible gift of comfort this Christmas. Havaianas introduces their 2009 Collection – fashion forward design, sole satisfaction guaranteed.

Comfort and fashion rarely mix. Happily, Havaianas are an exception. Dubbed as the world’s best sandal, their more than 40-year old secret rubber formula is responsible for buttery-soft, bouncy, flexible sandals that have blissfully cushioned the feet of many dignitaries and celebrities around the world.

Inspired by the Japanese Zori, Brazil’s Sao Paulo Alpargatas began producing a 100% rubber sandal. Named Havaianas, Portuguese for “Hawaiians,” these rubber sandals strove to evoke the same heady Hawaiian experience – easygoing and unforgettable. Havaianas became such as success word of their comfort spread like wildfire. Soon, Havaianas found itself selling a thousand pairs each day in small markets and eventually exporting around the world.

Havaianas made casual fashionable. These comfortable sole saviors have been paired with flirty skirts, tailored shirts and jeans, helping glamour girls like Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria and Hilary Duff keep their poise on the streets of Hollywood. Having produced a simple white design with colored straps for 20 years, Havaianas now creates with the needs of its avid audiences in mind, setting global fashion trends and satisfying many a sole. Its simple one-color Top design provides the tinge of color that pulls any casual outfit together. On the other hand, the Embellished line takes comfort and luxury to a new level by incorporating Swarovski crystals, Czech beads, turquoise, and other semiprecious stones on these famous flip-flops.

In 2009, Havaianas once again delights followers with new designs made for maximum style and comfort. With black, white, gray and silver tones, Havaianas’ 4nite is an edgy chameleon, adapting from casual to punk rock to dark and elegant. Purveyors of the more exotic might find themselves drawn to Slim Peacock with its slim gold strap and peacock inspired designs. For classic tastes, Havaianas’ Logo line, white-embossed with the Havaianas logo on the jelly strap contrasting nicely with its solid base, is an elegant alternative. With its signature marshmallow-y comfort and alluring designs, Havaianas continues to give its followers the perfect blend of fashion, function, and fun every woman needs in life.


Havaianas 2009 Collection is available in All Flip-Flops, Aloha Board Sports, Celio, FiveForty Surf Shop, Gas, J & S Surfshop, Moana, Rustan’s, ROX, Sepatu, Stoked, The Zone and Kidsports. For provincial outlets, visit


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