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Thoughts on Snow

Posted by Carren |

Text and Photos by: Carren Jao

IT was wimpy snow, they tell me, but I thought it beautiful nevertheless.

In the dark night, as we cleared our yard of white masses, streetlights gave off a strange yellow glow. In the glow, tiny flakes swayed in the wind.

They fell,
and fell,
and fell.

Each one glimmered as the light touched them. They fell into a dance, with other snowflakes for company, caught in an endless ballet. I stood back and watched for a moment and, as I looked at these glimmering dancers, I remembered the thousands of glitters in my childhood. They were the little shards of light as I drew Christmas wreaths for my art project. They were the sticky stuff caught in my hands, in my clothes, and in my hair after. They were the tendrils of color, falling inside the snow globe at home.

And, the instant passed. I was jolted; I was back on the street with a broom in my hand, sweeping the walkway. Then, I notice the numbness of my limbs and I walk back indoors, thankful for the heat, but also thankful for the cold that brought the snow.


Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

This is a beautiful rendition of winter's poetry...sigh. You make winter sound dreamy. I'll keep this is mind when I'm shovelling our driveway!!

Carren said...

Haha! Yes, I had the benefit of not having to shovel so much that night! Good luck, I know it gets abominably cold up there!

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