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Untitled (Caskets) for Poklong Ananding

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Poklong Ananding

(Born in Manila, 1975; lives and works in Manila)

Poklong Ananding’s Untitled (Caskets) depicts humanity’s often-unconscious obsession with materiality – to collect a piece of a dream. Nebulous desires take shape in the manufacturer’s production line – to be bought and discarded on a whim. What is wanted is acquired; what was consumed is discarded without a thought. In this world, possessions make the man, and value can be assigned to him on the basis of his accumulation.

For good or for ill, the invention of plastic has made man into creator and destroyer. Stepping outside the bounds of nature, he has the power to make real the stuff of necessity and fantasy by disassembling the naturally occurring. Where before he had to make do, he now has free reign. Pliant and yielding, plastic is amoral, unaffected by nature’s limits. By casting resin on discarded blister packaging, Poklong echoes the same synchronously creative and destructive process, reviving the memory of the objects that now valuate human existence.

The resulting pieces are a collection of objects as mundane as toothbrushes and as special as toys – each part and parcel of human life. Together, the pieces – whether identifiable or faded into hazy memory – form an index of origin for humanity’s way of life and their history of accumulation.

Placing these objects one above the other on a wall, Untitled (Caskets) rises above its viewers, almost taunting them with its height. It tempts viewers with a possibility of a precariously majestic climb, from one slippery plastic surface to another - always reaching, forever wanting. Standing in front of the towering installation, Untitled (Caskets) is impending doom – destruction by creation, waiting to engulf its worshipper. (Carren Jao)

Photo credit: MM Yu

Text also appears in Arena: Jakarta Biennale XIII 2009 Catalogue



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Thanks, Jen. The artist is really amazing. It's great to have a chance to sit down and pick their minds, so to speak :)

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