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Lyndi Sales' work is one of those happy accidents that happen when one plans something else. As Cathie and I squeezed in one more gallery before going home, we chanced upon her putting up her exhibit at the gallery. Her works were mesmerizing; I found myself holding up my camera almost before I was conscious of it.

SPIDER-WEB patterns transforming into veins and arteries are painstakingly cut out of paper objects to make up Lyndi Sales’ exhibition at the Toomey-Tourell Gallery on 49 Geary Street. While the exhibition will most likely grab your attention for the sheer patience and scrupulous preparation that is required, what will keep the viewer enthralled is the message that lies within each piece.

“On November 28, 1987, the SAA Helderberg crashed into the Indian Ocean, killing all 159 people aboard”—including Lyndi’s father. Only fourteen years old at the time, she had already found herself faced with the concept of man’s mortality.

Artist installing her work.

In Lyndi’s exhibition, appropriately named “In Transit,” she echoes both the increasing interconnectedness of man’s relations and his transience in life. In Shatter, Lyndi creates a network of lives encapsulated in 159 South African Airways boarding passes, commemorating each life aboard the fateful flight. Arranged neatly in a circle, Shatter invokes a zen-like peaceful atmosphere that counterpoints the artwork’s tragic circumstance.

Shatter by Lyndi Sales. Please click on link for better photograph on gallery website.

Close-up of Lyndi's work

On another wall, Lyndi creates a simulacrum of the human anatomy out of lottery coupons, reminding us that no matter the amount of planning involved, there is always room for serendipity or misfortune. Out of a clear white background of Breathing Life, a forearm is formed down to the fingers. In Fortunes and Fortunes II, a hand—perhaps the one freely shown to a seer in hopes of good news—rests gently on the wall, its veins fairly throbbing with life.

While staring at her work, one can almost imagine the time that passes as Lyndi patiently hunches over her creation, giving herself over to each piece, gently removing parts and retaining others; each act, a product of human choice—the gaps as much a part of the story as the positive space that remains. Lyndi Sales’ work is a visual reminder of the nature of human life—forever unfinished, impermanent, yet filled with poignant beauty.

In Transit
Lyndi Sales
at Toomey Tourell Fine Art
April 1-30, 2009
49 Geary Street
T: 415-989-6444 | F: 415-989-6644


Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Such a beautiful artish she is! Such passion and fortitude in her work! I'd love to see them, but I'm thousands of miles away :( Thanks for eyeing this for us, though!

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