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This project was really an uphill battle--dealing with the National Statistics Office and other research facilities, but seeing it finally up on the web and hopefully being of use to new Filipino parents is gratifying. Use the BabyNamer functionality on the website for Filipino names. A multitude of hours have been spent compiling those.

Baby naming traditions: Filipinos
Whether it is because you want to be true to your Filipino roots or find the Philippines close to your heart, naming your child the way Filipinos do is a way to honor the Pinoy connection. Read about Filipino naming traditions and choose a name that can only come by being a true Filipino -- by blood or at heart. [read more]

Top baby names in the Philippines
The list of top baby names for 2006 (as released by The National Statistics Office) in the Philippines shows that Joshua and Angel hold the top spot for the second year in a row. Though both names have been in the running for the past 3 years, it is only now they show their true mettle. [read more]

Patriotic ideas for baby names
Raise children that are proud to be Pinoy by giving their names a Filipino twist. Try these suggestions on for size. [read more]

Flower, jewel, fruit, and virtue names
With Hazel, Jasmine, Jasmin, Mary Rose, and Rose all in the Philippines’ 2005 top 50 girls' names, it seems that flowers and jewels are giving inspiration for the most popular baby names at the moment. But what do you think of them? [read more]

What not to call your baby
We round up a few clangers you may want to avoid when choosing a name for your baby. [read more]


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