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Views on Art: Milton Glaser

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All of us are familiar with the "I love New York" logo, but few would know that it was Milton Glaser behind this iconic piece of art. He is also the man responsible for the Bob Dylan poster. He continues to work and teach today, reminding all lives he touches to keep their capacity for astonishment alive.

This video talks about Glaser's views on art. For anyone who enjoys the arts, this video will give you all the more reason to. For those who are artists themselves, perhaps it will also be a reminder of why we continue to immerse ourselves in our passions.

Watch video [here].

Here are just some of my favorite quotes:

None of us has really the ability to understand our path until it's over.

My belief is that if you like Mozart and I like Mozart, we already have something in common. So that the likelihood of us killing each other has been diminished...Artists provide that gift to the culture so that people have something in common.

For more information on Milton Glaser log onto: Milton Glaser site
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