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It was exciting to cover these two places for a new title, Bluprint. Though I had an appreciation of interesting structures, I never had the opportunity to delve into them--until now. As I wrote the articles that appear in these two issues, I realized that architects have a name for everything, down to the type of cornices we have in our corners.

Bluprint Vol. 5, July 2009

Though it doesn't sound like it, Pasong Tamo has been attracting some names in the art business. Large open spaces make for more creative exhibitions and parking isn't all that hard to find either. Find my take on Manila Contemporary, Silverlens Lab and Silverlens Gallery.

Bluprint Vol. 6, August 2009

What do Chicago, Washington, San Francisco and Manila have in common? One time or another parts of it were designed by Daniel Burnham. In this issue, I look into the Manila in the time of the Americans and the structures they left behind. Not only does my text appear in this issue, my photographs do too. Enjoy!


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