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Creative Freedom (part 1)

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This was my first full-length article for Bluprint. Because of my familiarity with the contemporary art spaces, they commissioned me to do a quick round-up of Makati's burgeoning creative district. I say this was a happy case of passion and opportunity converging.

Luxurious spaces give art room to breathe
Text by: Carren Jao
Published: Bluprint Vol. 5, July 2009

THERE was a time when viewing art meant plying the mall’s halls along with a throng of people looking for cool refuge from the scorching sun. Art was not something you sought, but rather, something stumbled upon while shopping. But those days are waning.

Over the last few years, the Manila contemporary art landscape has experienced a noticeable change in climate as galleries move away from oppressive commercial rents in the malls towards more expansive areas, especially along Pasong Tamo extension. Here are three notable galleries slaking the thirst for a little culture away from the bustle of the city.

Silverlens Gallery

While photography is growing in popularity, it is still commonly held to be a commercial venture—devoid of any timeless qualities that would elevate it to the ranks of fine art. Starting in 2004, the Silverlens Gallery is the one of the few venues in the metro solely dedicated to debunking that misconception, exhibiting photography as an art form in its own right.

“Photography is self-evident, [which] may make it seem incredibly easy, “ explains gallery owner Isa Lorenzo. Yet, basing on the exhibitions from photo-based artists such as Wawi Navarroza, Gina Osterloh, and Emmanuel Santos, not only does photography need a steady hand, but a vision and a message.

Designed by Anna Sy of C/S Design Consultancy and Tisha de Borja, Silverlens has been transformed from piano warehouse to a museum-quality space. Pristine white walls dominate the main gallery, creating stasis set against the constant activity of the city. Proudly showcasing eloquent photographs, the Silverlens Gallery conceals a conference room, shooting studio, as well as the gallery’s offices. [continued in next post]


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