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Creative Freedom (part 2)

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[continued from previous post]

Silverlens Lab (SLab)

Symbolically connected by an 18.60 square meter bridgeway, SLab is Silverlens’ sister space, showing painting, drawing, and sculpture. Co-owner and also a photo-based artist Rachel Rillo says, “There really isn’t much of a difference [between SLab’s and Silverlens Gallery’s vision].” Both endeavor to increase awareness of great Filipino contemporary art by artist talks locally and by sending their artists abroad via juried exhibitions and exchanges to gain exposure. “We’re very focused on artists and careers, rather than just the pieces they’re selling,” shares Rachel.

Once past the bridgeway, the space widens to reveal its main gallery, a 120 square meter space for longer curated shows. Further to the end and to the left corner lies a 20 square meter area, aptly called 20square, which holds smaller exhibitions of younger artists. “In contrast to [Silverlens Gallery], SLab is more of an experimental space, which allowed a little more freedom to express an architecture,” explains Rica Estrada of Silverlens Galleries. She continues: More fluid than its sister space, it allows for a narrative told via the gallery and its current exhibit, punctuated by certain still moments embodied in the espresso bar and reception area. [continued in next post]


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