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It's me and another Uruguayan artist, perhaps there is something about their sensibility that appeals to me. This short post appears on Syracuse University's lifestyle site, NewsHouse.
Sensory Disbelief in Marco Maggi's American Ream
Known for using commonplace material, the Uruguayan artist brings his white bond paper-based exhibit to the Warehouse Gallery.

Text by: Carren Jao
Published: 29 Sept 2009

To see is to believe, or at least that’s what we’ve always heard. When viewing Marco Maggi’s American Ream, leave this adage at the door.

Known for his use of commonplace material, Uruguayan artist Maggi this time uses everyday white bond paper, seen stacked about the floor of the Warehouse Gallery, for his current exhibition. By deliberately arranging a maze of paper piled on top of each other, Maggi creates an obstacle course where viewers instantly feel the need to gingerly negotiate the space, lest they topple the artwork and go down in gallery history as “the ones that ruined the Maggi exhibition.” [click for more]

Update: This was re-posted in the main articles section of MuseHouse.


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