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Imperial Manila (part 2)

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[continued from previous post]

Museum of the Filipino People

Across the road, shrouded by greenery is the entrance to the Museum of the Filipino People, former headquarters of the Department of Finance. Built in 1940 and principally credited to Antonio Toledo, the Finance Building was one of the last projects of the Bureau of Public Works before the outbreak of the war.

Welcomed by a porte cochere, many visitors miss the majestic fa├žade of museum, which can be viewed from Agrifina Circle. From this vantage point, the museum can be seen to rest on a podium with large Corinthian columns rising up from last of the steps. Four large wooden doors, open to the majestic Marble Hall.

Used in State functions and Presidential dinners, the Marble Hall evinces warmth despite its opulence. The ceiling is dotted with octagonal brass cutouts, complementing the auburn and grey marble inside the hall. The incandescent lights given off by three successive chandeliers only add to the sense of intimacy. Above each doorway is a stained glass rendering of the state seal, a clear reminder of one’s benefactors. Rebuilt in 1950 by A.M. Oreta and Company, it was refurbished in 1998 in time for the celebration of the Philippine centennial. [continued in next post]


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