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Happy holidays!

Despite coming down with a bad case of sore throat (that comes with body aches, headaches and lethargy), I've dragged myself over to the computer to start doing some work over break. I know, I'm such a geek, but I can't help it. I thought this post could be appropriate for the season simply because of the last sentence of the article. The same statement could be made for a certain babe in the manger 2,000 years ago.

I hope you're reading this post hiding in a little niche and trying to get much needed rest after a day of merrymaking. I know I am. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Who says pins and yarn make only quilts and blankets? In her latest exhibition, Drawing Through Space, Brooklyn-based artist Alyson Shotz takes traditionally craft materials and re-creates them into contemporary works of art.

Viewing Shotz’s drawings through space (to borrow the exhibition name) is like seeing balloons gently reaching for the air while tethered to the ground with a string. Each installation seems forever twisting and coiling on the wall as if ready to break float away at any moment, yet restrained by some invisible force.

Drawing Through Space is composed of four installations. In the main gallery of the Warehouse, Untitled, (3 views of an object) #1, 2 and 3 present three perspectives on a single object. Hundreds of steel pins are tacked to the wall while blue, green or purple yarn weaves in and around each pin to create a network of lines that take on different properties from varying vantages. From afar, each installation seems to be sculptural relief made of steel—static and immovable. Move closer and the installations begin to sway and heave as the eye is drawn to follow one line after another.

Past the three installations is an area called the vault, which holds Shotz’s last piece called Line and Shadow. Steel wires sprout from the wall, undulating toward the viewer. The wires create waves that engulf the viewer by its implied movement.

Minimalist in style and arresting at first sight, Shotz’s sculptural drawings evoke physics concepts like warped space and continuums. It also harnesses the subtle power of light. Using the shadows cast by her sculpture, Shotz adds another dimension to her installations. As viewers move along the pieces, the shadows cast by her sculpture also move, adding dynamism to the exhibition.

With only pins, yarn, steel wire and a little bit of light, Shotz successfully offers art enthusiasts another way of seeing. As Drawing Through Space proves, even the ordinary can beget the extraordinary.
Hear what some patrons had to say about Alyson Shotz’s Drawing Through Space during the opening:

Alyson Shotz’s Drawing Through Space is on view at the Warehouse Gallery from November 19, 2009 to February 20, 2010. Shotz will return to Syracuse for an artist talk to be held on February 4, 2010 at Warehouse Gallery 7 p.m.

Photo and video credit: Carren Jao


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