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Real versus Reel

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It takes a certain kind of person to go the extra step beyond the normal. For those people, I would highly recommend, Red House's Overcoming the Spectacle series.

These film choices poke holes at the "reality" that films, images and ad posters pander to its audiences. Yes, the point of these are to be so believable as to make the audience forget that it's just not real--but somehow audiences never get un-hypnotized. The Overcoming the Spectacle series attempts to change all that.
Here is a snippet of an article I wrote posted at the Red House Arts Center.

IMAGE is everything in this day and age—and that’s part of the problem. From swooshes to golden arches, life has become a series of replacements for the real thing. (Nope, not even Coca-Cola can’t sell you that.)

From October 2009 to April 2010, the Red House Arts Center will be presenting “Overcoming the Spectacle: A Cinema of Pure Means,” a film series that deals with the relationship of image and reality. [click for more]

For a screening calendar, [click here].


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