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I know I wasn't the most cooperative child when it came to toothbrushing. I wondered how moms today handled the same problem. Voila! Here's the article that came out of it.

Kids’ Dental Health: 5 Ways To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth
Here are five tried and tested (and fun) ways to get your kids to brush their teeth and develop a lifelong habit.

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Justine Tajonera

Kids’ dental health is important. Even when kids still have milk teeth or baby teeth, it’s better for them to avoid getting cavities. Getting rambunctious children to stop long enough to brush their teeth, however, seems like an impossible task. Below are five ways to get your kids to brush their teeth. These are just some tips and tricks from creative moms to keep your kids’ pearly whites gleaming.

1. Get your game on - At 16 months old, Rowie’s son, Rafael, hasn’t yet developed the coordination needed to brush his own teeth, so Rowie has to do it for him—and be creative while at it. One way Rowie gets Rafael to open wide is to turn toothbrushing into a game.

“I put my toothbrush in my mouth at the same time so that he copies me,” says Rowie, “When I go ‘eeeee’ he copies me and goes ‘eeeee’ as well, and that gives me the opportunity to brush his front teeth. Then I say ‘ahhhh’ and have him copy my mouth again while I brush the back of his teeth.”

If Rafael insists on grabbing the toothbrush, as many kids no doubt will, Rowie guides his hand by putting her hand over the toothbrush as well. [Read more here]

Photo credit: Arianne McCarthy

Authors: C.B. Woofter, Don Harley
Illustrator: Jack Olson
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