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Working for the Charleston Post & Courier is awesome. I have to say, I didn't think it would turn out this well, but it worked out marvelously. Here is my first full-on print piece. It came out on the cover of the Spoleto Today section, too! Very nice.

I hope you enjoy reading the article. I know it was certainly a challenge interviewing what are literally figments of someone's imagination. Also, I'm happy to see they kept most of my suggested hed and dek. :)

'Brother and sister' Otto and Astrid Rot distort reality while keeping the crowd rocking (with laughter) at Spoleto USA
Text by: Carren Jao
Published: Post & Courier (print and web), 03 June 2010

Made up in whiteface with blood-red lipstick, "brother-and-sister" act Otto and Astrid Rot may look like kooks, but they're really "Berlin's Prince and Princess of Indie Rock," who are really Australian comedians Daniel Tobias and Clare Bartholomew.

Inspired by The Ramones, Iggy Pop and Kraftwerk, they roar on stage as Die Roten Punkte with their "Robot/Lion" tour at this year's Spoleto Festival USA. Otto and Astrid perform songs from their first two albums including "Rock Bang!," "Rock 'n' Roll Monster" and Astrid's "Oh My God Yeah" (a song composed of just those four words).

Taking a cue from yet another princess -- this time of pop -- Stefanie Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga), Tobias and Bartholomew cultivate all-consuming alter egos that somehow fulfill all their audience's most outlandish fantasies. [Read more here].


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