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Review: "Banana MANologues"

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Unfortunately, not all articles go to print. I turned this piece around in three hours, but sadly the paper had their hands full that night. We didn't get the chance to print in the Post & Courier again because it was the show's last night. At least, it lives on in the Spoleto Today page.


Text By: Carren Jao
Post and Courier Reviewer

“Banana Manologues” serves up comedy with a side of romance and raunch. John Brennan returns to Chucktown to reprise his role as Gus Weiderman, everyday guy who navigates love and libido’s strange waters. And this time, he’s not alone.

Brennan reworked his original “Banana Monologues” to include Alexis, Weiderman’s sometime long distance girlfriend and sometime sexual frustration, played deftly by fellow The Have Nots! Comedy Improv Touring Company veteran, Camille Lowman. “Banana Manologues” is a must-see if you’re in the mood for the emotional equivalent of a feel-good lighthearted comedy.

In just about an hour, Brennan and Lowman deftly zip through each stage of a relationship: bumbling first forays, romantic highs, niggling doubts and awkward break-up, eliciting knowing nods and ringing laughter from an audience that has obviously been there and done that as well. (Who can’t relate, right?) [read more]

Photo credit: Erik Heerlein


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