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I have a lot of siblings and I love them dearly. This article was a chance to explore the life of an only child. I had the pleasure to talk with someone that could speak about her experience as an only child and also provide expert opinion. I'm quite proud of this article because it seems to have struck a cord with parents of only children (as you can see in the comments). It was also picked up by Smart Parenting's sister publication, FemaleNetwork. I hope this helps you as much as it did the other parents who read it.

Raising an only child comes with both advantages and challenges for the parents. We share an expert’s views and tips on this issue.

Text by: Carren Jao

We all have those lolos and lolas with an overwhelming number of siblings, but times are changing. With deteriorating economies, couples have to tighten their budgets and cultivate modest lifestyles. For some, that could mean having one child instead of the brood they’ve planned.

Lexi Welanetz, Psy.D., co-founder of the Family Resource Counseling Center and only child herself, shares with SmartParenting her views and tips on raising an only child.

1. Not so bad after all

Being an only child isn’t a dismal experience. In fact, that might even be good news for the child. “The household is typically less chaotic, meaning there’s also more attention available for that child. The child grows up thinking, ‘Well, why can’t I have it my way?’ which is typically how I spend 75 percent of my day,” shares Dr. Lexi with a laugh. [read more]

Photo credit: David Hanson Ong


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