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Life by Design

The World Center battles politics and financials to rise again
Text and Photos by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Judith Torres
Published: Bluprint Magazine, October 2010

Uncertain ending

One World Trade Center broke ground on July 4, 2004. Today, it has reached 26 stories, a quarter of its proposed 104-story height, Four World Trade is inching up four stories, while Michael Arad’s two memorial pools have finally been framed out.
While design has for the most part been finalized and the balancing of interests accomplished, the public has yet to see the fruition of their collaboration. A poor economy has once again cast doubts on how much of the buildings and cultural facilities will be built. Security also remains an ongoing issue.
“I think the most significant challenge going forth is the uncertainty factor. Will the World Trade Center site be the target of yet another terrorist attack and why wouldn’t one assume that it could be?”

As each day brings New York closer to Ground Zero’s rebirth, Bell hopes, like many others do, that life in New York will heal and move on. “I would like to think that 20 years from now, the memorial plaza will be seen as a wonderful gathering place, a park that on Sept 11th brings back people who have lost someone, but will decreasingly have remembrance be the primary reason for being there. That life will have become normal again. That we won’t see police groups waiting for the next truck bomb or terrorist attack or unpredictable event that we will bemoan the day after.”


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