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Another first in Los Angeles! My first post for the Architect's Newspaper blog.

I love school settings, perhaps because I have had such a great experience in school as well. There are just so many ideas waiting to bubble up in the minds of students. I'm pleased at the opportunity to help spread the word of this young woman's crusade, as it were.

04 October 2010

Ancient art once again finds itself an inspiration for new solutions. Borrowing principles from the art of Japanese paper folding, USC School of Architecture grad Tina Hovsepian invented Cardborigami, a temporary and ultra-portable shelter that can be used by the homeless or those stricken by natural disasters. The shelter is made from standard corrugated cardboard, a lightweight and cost effective material. Incorporating a consistent pattern of x’s and parallel lines, Tina created a structure that can fold down for portability, but also open up to create the makeshift “walls” of the shelter. [more]


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