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I am a frustrated gardener. I like the thought of fresh food on my table, but the thought of figuring out how something grows is still quite intimidating. This inner insecurity is what drew me to Forage LA's Home Growers Circle, an amazing group of people who garden right in the heart of LA and share their produce with eatery Forage. Here are some great (and not so scary) tips from urban gardener and home grower Robert.

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Danielle Davis
Published: Your Daily Thread, 18 Jan 2011

If the secret to an unforgettable meal is fresh ingredients, then Silver Lake resto Forage is on the right track. Upping the ante, the eatery gets its produce not just from local farmers’ markets, but straight from people’s backyards.

Forage’s “hyperlocal” Home Growers Circle helps passionate gardeners certify their plots as approved food sources for the restaurant. “The people at Forage are so appreciative of good food,” says Home Grower Robert of Silver Lake. “I bring in my freshly harvested vegetables and they serve them almost immediately.” Frequent contributors often get a shout-out by having a dish named after them on the ever-changing menu.

Dreaming of a dish with your name on it by May? Try growing veggies on your own plot or patio first with Robert’s winter to spring gardening tips: [read more]

Photo: Snapshot from Forage LA site


Nicole Sylianteng said...

my friend brought me to this place 2 weeks ago, it's good! i need to be introduced to more tasty healthy eating places since i have such a bad diet.

Carren said...

Went there to eat yesterday, but then it was closed :( Boo.... :(

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