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Since I moved to the US, I've been fascinated with Indian cooking. They do so much with just five spices! My newfound curiosity for cooking vegetables naturally led to this article.

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Lindsay William-Ross
Published: LAist, 19 January 2011

Indian weddings are extravagant celebrations. Unlike most Western white wedding affairs, these celebrations are marked a rainbow of color, elaborate decorations and sumptuous food.

In the latest run of The Un-Curry Table, Los Angeles’ first Indian pop-up, chef Kaumudi Marathe recreates some of that festive atmosphere by serving an authentic Marathi wedding feast at Glendale’s Recess.

Chef Kaumudi at the Hollywood Farmer's Market (Photo by Uta Briesewitz)

So, what to expect? No curries or samosas, that’s for sure. Chef Kaumudi is on a mission to introduce us to a different type of Indian cooking: Marathi. “The kind of Indian food that people eat is so boring and stereotypical and so limited,” says chef Kaumudi, “India is a whole continent, there’s a whole world out there that—like my food—nobody knows anything about.” [read more]


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