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This time, I had to make use of my multimedia skills for Dwell. Because this was a sound installation, I had to string together photographs and sound recording to create this simple video. Enjoy!
Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Amanda Dameron
Published: Dwell, 28 Feb 2011
In Out of Memory, currently on view at SCI-Arc's gallery in Los Angeles, architect Patrick Tighe transports visitors to another plane with an experiential installation that combines light, sound, material and form. Rather than create the customary art object, Tighe collaborated with Berlin and Rome Prize-winning composer Ken Ueno to produce a sound installation that first took shape from the ambient noises heard within SCI-Arc's walls. Reworking the recorded ambient sound, Ueno produced a composition that is the aural equivalent of a seeing Hokusai’s Great Wave forming and rushing toward you. The auditory groundswell is peppered by sharp clickety-clacks, as if attempting to snap you out of an enforced meditation; listen to a portion of the piece in this video. A six-axis robotic arm from Machineous programmed with a 3-D mapping of Ueno’s composition milled the structure on-site, giving the installation its unique parabolic shape. Have a look at the exhibition in the slideshow that follows. [view slideshow]
Here's the video I produced:
Photo credit: Joshua White/ courtesty of SCI-Arc


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