Carren's Pitch

Life by Design

Text by: Carren Jao
Published: 10 Feb 2011, LAist

The birthplace of cruising and Grease-like fascination for all things with four-wheeled, Los Angeles has become synonymous with its cars and freeways. But what if the roads could become a little less congested and the commute a little less frustrating?

RailLA, a non-profit advocating for the “timely and efficient implementation of the high-speed rail with Los Angeles’ Union Station as its hub,” is inviting anyone with a great idea to take a few minutes to write down on their site what their Los Angeles would be like without cars. Will it have centralized housing to encourage walking to work? A shopping mall by the high-speed rail hub? What about a simple one-way train ride that goes straight to LAX? [read more]


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