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The city's been abuzz lately with the finding of human remains at a planned Mexican-American Cultural Center. You can see the coverage here, here and here. But what does that mean for architects and designers left to make the changes? I asked them and took some time to look around this new museum in town as well.

Even with the discovery of skeletal remains, work continues on almost-complete cultural center
Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Sam Lubell
Published: 02 February 2011, The Architect's Newspaper

Despite the recent discovery of human remains on the site, workers at Los Angeles’ Plaza Cultura Y Artes continue development of the almost-complete Mexican cultural center and its public garden. “It doesn’t change anything. It only enhances our point that this is where Los Angeles started,” said Miguel Angel Corzo, President and CEO of LA Plaza. [read more]

Photo credit: OE/Ueda Studios


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