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Please Touch the Art

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I didn't intend to write anything, but I was at the opening and saw how many people didn't quite get it because they were too afraid to approach the work. So, here's for you all coming to a museum: push the boundaries. If it doesn't say you can't touch it, you probably can. Go ahead. You can do it :)

Leuthold's Secret Garden cloth is ultra thin and ephemeral. (Carren Jao for LAist)

A + D Exhibit Ends Week-long Visit Friday
Text and Photos by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Lindsay William-Ross
Published: 03 Feb 2011, LAist

Perhaps it’s our early exposure to museums, but no matter how beautiful or engaging and exhibition is, visitors always hold back. I wouldn’t blame them; many larger museums often have guards posted by the door keenly watching your every move. If not, motion sensors are set to blare when anyone comes too close (I know, my friend has tripped many of such alarms already). But at the Architecture and Design Museum on Wilshire (A+D), touching and interacting with the exhibition is imperative. [read more]


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