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Riding the Weaves

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Sorry it's taken me this long to post this. Life and work got ahead of me. Presenting, Olivia d'Aboville's mysterious creations made out of plastic spoons and other commonplace items. :) Aren't they mesmerizing? Isn't also strange to think that these pieces once began its life as an innocuous piece of string or plastic? One man's trash truly is another man's treasure.

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Petrina Leong
Published: November 2010, Surface Asia

Luminously beautiful, serene and surprising, Olivia d’Aboville is much like the waters her art is centred around. Her pixie cut and rich tan might lead some to dismiss her as a flighty free spirit, but her soft-spoken demeanor and measured responses reveal a born observer and tinkerer. “When I have a material in my hand that I really like, that I’m intrigued with, I just manipulate it. I play with it. I stretch it. I cut it. I twist it. That’s when the idea comes. Nothing is planned ahead,” says the 24-year old, fresh from the outpouring of interest in her first solo exhibition at the Ayala Museum, one of the Philippines’ most respected art institutions.

In d’Aboville’s hands, plastic cups, spoons, medical vials and stainless-steel wires become more than just things to use then throw away. By heating, drilling and gluing, they transform into corals and jellyfish, gently swaying on the ocean floor. Using adapted techniques of weaving and embroidery from her studies at Superior School of Applied Arts, ESAA Duperré in Paris, d’Aboville underwent a process of trial and error to achieve her vision for her creations. “Usually textile and tapestry are two-dimensional, but I see everything more in volumes, so I’ve always made sure to create volumes even using tapestry.” [read more]


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