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Ladies and gentlemen, my first piece for Dwell, one of my favorite shelter magazines! I wrote, captioned and photographed this piece, so please view the rest of the items on the slideshow. Get a load of these fantastic (and I mean that in every sense of the word) imaginings from LA's "boss" architects.

Text and photographs by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Amanda Dameron
Published:, 15 February 2011

"In’stead" by AAA Architecture Principal Randolph Ruiz
Photo by: Carren Jao

In a new exhibition at A+D Los Angeles, five architects—who at one time or another have worked at Jones, Partners: Architecture (J,P:A)—each created architectural propositions that use “technology in expressive ways, as a means of engaging the environment,” says J,P:A Principal Wes Jones. Inspired by the Rat Fink era of hotrodding, SOUPERgreen celebrates rather than hides technology, putting it out there for everyone to see. Jones likens the approach to mounting solar panels on a structure in the same way a flaring exhaust pipe defiantly juts out from a hotrod. “Souped up” architecture indeed. “We want the issues to be more apparent, more engaging, more fun, more visually impressive, so that you’re connected with those issues in a more direct or significant way,” says Jones. What follows is a look at these forward-thinking designs, including "appendages" cantilevered from skyscrapers, a self-sustaining urban farm scaled for a single-family residence, and a freeway system that launches cars to and fro. [read more and view in slideshow]


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