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This was my first introduction to the work of Edward Durell Stone. It's certainly a departure from the overly ornate and the almost too cold simplicity of modernism. Instead, Stone's aesthetic treads the delicate balance in between. In fact, his work has been so pervasive that I even see a little of his influence in my 1960s condo way out in the Valley.

Preservation takes center stage as theater group repurposes a half-demolished facility.
Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Sam Lubell and Molly Heintz
Published: 02 May 2011, The Architect's Newspaper

The new theater is adjacent to a residential complex. Image courtesy of A Noise Within.

The problem with hand-me-downs is that one almost always has to make alterations. The same goes for buildings, as evidenced by the case of an entirely new theater being built within the footprint of a partially demolished historic landmark in Glendale.

Just in time for its 20th season, Glendale’s classical repertory company A Noise Within (ANW) will be moving into Pasadena’s Stuart Pharmaceutical Company building, designed in 1958 by Edward Durell Stone. Stone, the lead architect for Radio City Music Hall and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, is best known for his distinctive brand of decorative modernism, a response to the pristine clarity of International Style. [read more]


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