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Designing the Modern World Award

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This year is also the first year that Dwell on Design is giving out the Modern World Award. Having walked the floor a few times, I could so much talent bursting from the seams and I could only imagine how hard it was to trim all that into five finalists in five categories. Tough job! But the tougher job is possibly how to encapsulate all that the award stands for into on visual image. That was Kyle Blue and his team's job. Whew!
Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Diana Budds
Published: 2011 June 25, Dwell

Choosing the finalists and, eventually, the winners wasn't the only difficult task at the Modern World Awards. Designing the face of the award was a feat in and of itself. We chatted with Creative Director Kyle Blue to get the low down on the award's design. “With the logo, we wanted to do something that was iconic and playful,” he says. [read more]


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