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"How can we be more sustainable?" I think that's the question everyone has on their mind. I know it's on mine. Sustainability can be achieved in so many different ways. That's where Eve's panel comes in. In it, she tries to unravel the confusion of what it means to be "green." Personally, I like Eve's definition (which I write toward the end of the article.)

P.S. I love Marketplace Report and it was a pleasure to meet someone who regularly works to demystify the financial market for regular Joes like me. I also got a chance to meet her husband, half of the always fun Dinner Party Download guys. Starstruck, that's me.
Text and Photos by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Diana Budds
Published: 25 June 2011, Dwell

Making a green decision isn’t always easy. The cost can be daunting, labeling isn’t always as helpful as it should be, and let's not get started on the myriad of marketing gimmicks out there. Eve Troeh from NPR's Marketplace Sustainability Desk was on stage today with architects and designers to help us out with our green conundrums. We caught Eve just before she held her first discussion to flesh out a little more information about her two panels and some words of advice to live by. "Ask yourself, 'Do I really need to buy something new to achieve my goal?'" she advises. [read more]


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