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Two weeks ago, I got an amazing chance to see the inside of LA's most amazing homes. To be fair, I only got to see one half, since I covered the Westside. The Eastside tour sadly happened on a weekday when I couldn't make it.

The Dwell on Design Westside Home Tour is officially my first home tour. I woke up early on a Saturday morning so I know I have time to see all the homes. It was a good thing I did, I almost ran out of time! Seeing the homes made me wonder which home do I see myself really living in. There are so many beautiful choices. I love the colors in the Appleton Living by Minarc, the simplicity of the Tatami Residence and the openness of Pearson Trent home. Which homes are your favorites?
Text and most photos by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Diana Budds
Published: 2010 June 21, Dwell

June gloom greeted the Dwell on Design tourists early Saturday morning, but that didn’t damper their enthusiasm to get up close and personal with six residences in Dwell on Design’s self-guided Westside Home Tour. From Venice to Baldwin Hills, every home was a ravishing rendition of thoughtful modern living. Though interpreted in uniquely personal ways, modern life through the lens of these six homes was a common pursuit for a welcoming atmosphere that blurred the inside with outside and made full use of the California’s (almost) eternal sunshine. Here are few glimpses of the homes we toured last weekend. [view slideshow]


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