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I am extra proud to show this off to you guys. I chased this story for a few months before finally being able to get all the facts down. I came away from this story with a better appreciation for how parking contributes (or detracts) from street life.

Los Angeles City Planning Commission approves modified parking requirement district.
Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Sam Lubell
Published: 04 August 2011, The Architect's Newspaper

Los Angeles skyline behind a parking lot. Ben + Sam/Flickr.

In a sprawling city like Los Angeles, cars are of course still the primary means of transportation. More cars mean more parking. Sometimes too much, other times not nearly enough.

In an effort to remedy the situation, LA’s City Planning Commission on July 14 recommended the creation of a Modified Parking Requirement (MPR) District aimed at solving the city’s varied parking needs.

“Generally, we have a one-size fits all parking code for all land uses in the city. Sometimes, that doesn’t work,” summed up Tom Rothmann, the Los Angeles city planner in charge of shepherding the proposed policy through the public process. [read more]


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