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The Giving Tree

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Lately, I've been seeing the insides of more and more houses. Doing so fuels a few of my own homebuilding dreams. At least, when I'm ready to think about building a home, I'll have a few ideas.
Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Diana Budds
Published: 03 August 2011, Dwell

A bright idea blossomed close to home for Modal Design principal Daniel Monti. Tasked to create a low-maintenance, multi-generational home for his parents, his family, his brother’s children and their many pets, Monti looked to a massive century-old stone pine tree with a vast canopy growing right on the property as an endless source of inspiration.

Despite the challenges the tree’s location presented, Monti never considered removing it from its native Venice, California, location. “The pine tree is such a special piece of the lot that you can’t help but fall in love with it,” says Monti. Instead, he worked around it to create a three-bedroom 2,700 square feet home that echoes the same comfort and beauty as the sight of that majestic age-old tree. "The tree is really the inspiration for the whole house." Here’s a look: [read more]


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