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What's Up With Watts

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The Watts Towers is an amazing Los Angeles landmark and people have been trying to revitalize it for sometime now. When last I looked there were so many planned developments, one can only hope at least some of them become realized. 


LA's historic Watts Towers may get a few new neighbors.
Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Sam Lubell
Published: 30 September 2011, The Architect's Newspaper

A proposed skatepark across the Watts Towers. Photo courtesy of California Skateparks. 

The Watts Towers have always been an icon of Los Angeles, or, as LA Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Executive Director Olga Garay says, “a beacon to the power of the individual.” Created over three decades—between 1921 and 1954—this National Register Historic Listed landmark created by untrained artist Simon Rodia may soon have a few new neighbors in its shadow. They include a new skate park, a spruced-up train station, a theater, a shopping center, and a new series of walking paths, helping to turn the neighborhood surrounding the towers into a real destination after years of neglect. [read more]


Catherine said...

oh cool, I like the look of the skating rink. I don't get what the untrained artist designed though :)

Carren said...

The untrained artist designed the historic monument. It isn't shown in the photo, but look it up. The Watts towers is amazing and the guy who made it had no formal training in mosaics or architecture at all.

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