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The bottomline of every business should be profit, for everyone. That means being financially profitable, but also socially profitable. Rags 2 Riches in the Philippines is a great example of a company that thinks not just of the financial ramifications of building a business, but its effects on a person's whole way of living. Kudos to Reese and her dedicated team of eco-ethical entrepreneurs.

Text by: Carren Jao
Published: 15 September 2011, Surface Asia Magazine

Reese Fernandez-Ruiz is a woman beyond her years. At 26, many people are just beginning to find themselves, but Fernandez-Ruiz already has her eyes set on a prize. “I knew what I wanted right from the beginning,” she says. 

Fernandez-Ruiz is part of a new generation of entrepreneurs who are in business not just for profit, but also to create positive change. The Rolex Young Laureate awardee is president and founding partner of Rags2Riches, a revolutionary eco-ethical enterprise that uplifts and empowers women weavers (mostly mothers) living near Payatas, one of Philippines’ largest dumpsites. 

Rags2Riches (as its name implies) helps turn the lowly cloth used for dusting or washing into stylish sartorial pieces fit for upscale boutiques around the world, helping the artisan-mothers who create them earn a living wage. [read more]


Catherine said...

cool, I like the designs too!

Carren said...

Of course, I just saw this comment. Yup, great designs. Depends on the designer though. They work with different designers each collection, so I'd say I have my favorites.

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