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A Look Back on 2011, Hello 2012!

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2011 was an unbelievably crazy year. I had found myself writing for some of my favorite publications (you know who you are) and walking away feeling a bit more hopeful at the way the world is working out. Architects, designers, creative people, you have all been an endless source of inspiration. 

Inspired by the amazing Alissa Walker, I thought a nice way to cap off the year was to take a look back some of the stories I've written and pinpoint just what made them stick out in my mind. Here goes!

Best reminder that anyone with the will to share can make a difference: Iconathon Lets Regular Joes Design for Fast Co.Design

Most craft jargon and street talk I had to parse in one interview: Cast Off Wood Becomes Artful Longboards for Fast Co.Design

Best konk on the head on the importance of self-reliance: Recipes for Living for GOOD

Most satisfying opening paragraphs (because somehow I squeezed in a Bones reference in there and Alissa kept it in the copy!): Jurassic Park Meets CSI at NHMLA for GOOD

Best in-depth look marketing mumbo jumbo: Playing the Rating Game for Bluprint Magazine

Most satisfying article to follow. I eventually got to paddle the LA river in my neighborhood too! How to Paddle the Los Angeles River for GOOD

Best opening exhibition ambiance: Bestor Unleashes Disco Silencio at SCI-Arc for The Architect's Newspaper

Most inspiring vision of Los Angeles' future: Two Wheelin' Ambition for The Architect's Newspaper

Best sink or swim moment. It was my first time to live blog and boy even I was amazed at how much work you can finish when you set your mind to it! Dwell on Design coverage

Best community engagement. I had never received so much feedback as when I post for GOOD Los Angeles. Angelenos, thank you for reading!

Best reminder of just how much there is in the world to see: Surface Asia and Dwell Asia coverage

Amazing 2011. See you all here again in 2012!


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