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It's always fascinating to see two distinct practices come together and produce a new and exciting piece. I got an education in textiles courtesy of Lapchi with this article for Core77. Needless to say, I will never take carpet for granted again. 

Text and photos by: Carren Jao
Edited by: LinYee Yuan
Published: 27 March 2012, Core77

One of my two favorite patterns out of Milton Glaser's whole collection. 
It's always exciting to witness a master's exploration in a new medium. At 82 years old, legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser reminds us that it's never too late to become a student of a new field. His recent work with Lapchi, an Oregon-based carpet company that specializes in hand-woven, hand-dyed custom-made rugs made in Nepal, explores the traditional art of rugmaking. The result of this collaboration, a new 34-piece rug collection, is now on view (for one week only) at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in Los Angeles. To see the artist's virtuosity in a new light has an uplifting effect.

Milton Glaser for Lapchi: An Exploration of Pattern Making and Color Effects in Textiles is Milton's mind on display. It flits from an exploration of mystical Tibetan symbolism to a contemplation of nature, expressionist sensibility to bold, playful freeform. "I look upon this collection almost as a portrait of Milton. There isn't one theme, but all themes point out to his different interests and his character," says Andrew Neave, Lapchi's artistic director. [read more]


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