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Guts, Gore, and a Bloody Good Time

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Musicals have a way of transporting me to another place. In Re-Animator's case, they transported me right in the middle of a fun-filled B-movie classic. I had fun ducking the blood squirting my way and I hope others in town had the chance to enjoy before the cast and crew travel to New York City.

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Kyle Fitzpatrick
Published: 01 May 2012, Los Angeles, I'm Yours

If you haven’t heard yet, the Re-Animator The Musical is back in town for a limited time only! After rocking Los Angeles’s socks off last year, this B-movie comedy-horror-musical is back on stage at the Hayworth Theatre for a short ten-week run before it heads off to the Big Apple, then to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after that. 

I went down there for a peek last weekend during previews and, let me tell you, you don’t have to be a fan of the B-movie horror film genre to have a rollicking good time. Re-animator the Musical is the on-stage version of the 1985 cult classic movie where almost- off-the-rocker med student Herbert West (played by Graham Skipper) plays God by injecting the newly dead with a green glowing substance to bring them back to life. Of course, not everything goes as planned. What the audience gets is an hour or so ride down the rabbit hole of horror, complete with tons of guts and gore, spraying down the first three rows (officially designated “splatter zones.”) [read more]


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