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Every brand has a story

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In today's hyper-connected world, there are more ways than ever to reach out and connect. Thanks to social media and the Internet, businesses and organizations are now empowered to build relationships with their audience.

Much like friends getting to know each other over time, you build trust not with haphazard emails but with every note, newsletter, tweet, or photo you put out into the world (whether or not they include your logo or mention your company name).

Whoa...who has time to do all that? Actually, I can help with that.

It starts by digging deep to find your voice and your singular story. Most of the time, that goldmine is just there, waiting to be recognized. That's part of the joy I find in the process, uncovering the spirit that animates your work.

A well-thought out communication that reflects your identity pays off.  For one thing, it saves you the trouble of saying something twice. For another, it allows your audience to get to know you on their own terms.

Great content can transform a business. It separates you from the crowd. It can spark curiosity, start conversations, and spur loyalty. When placed in the right hands, your brand's story binds you to your market. Not only is your organization just another logo, it becomes a living, breathing personality. Some examples? See Red Bull's Media House, American Express's Open Forum, and Coca-Cola's Journey.

Now, the question is: who will you trust with your story? Read on to see my previous projects.


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