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The Cups of War

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Art at its best, surprises, inspires and provokes. Ehren Tool's exhibition at CAFAM does that. One doesn't usually think of the cup as a canvas, but Tool's impressive handling of the material re-frames the mundane into something moving. 

Text and Photos by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Jillian Steinhauer
Published: 19 June 2012, Hyperallergic

Ehren Tool, “One of Thousands” (2011–12), glazed stoneware with ceramic decals (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless otherwise noted)
LOS ANGELES — Perhaps no other kitchenware is as overlooked and underappreciated as the cup. Every day we slake our thirst by absent-mindedly grabbing a random mug, filling it, then gulping away until we’re satisfied.

In his first solo exhibition, Ehren Tool: Production or Destruction, ceramist and former US Marine, Ehren Tool, is exhibiting a thousand uniquely crafted cups decorated with ceramic decals of soldiers’ photos, propaganda and sculptural reliefs shaped like medals and bombs. Glazed in varying colors — watery reds, moss greens, grays, murky blues — the cups line the walls of the Craft and Folk Art Museum’s second floor gallery like soldiers standing at attention, a little rough around the edges. [read more]


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