Carren's Pitch

Life by Design

Another year, another Dwell on Design conference. It's always fun to wander around the LA conference hall looking for interesting new works and here's what I found this year.

Text by: Carren Jao 
Edited by: LinYee Yuan
Published: 25 June 2012, Core77

Bay Area designer Richard Bulan entices San Francisco diehards to take a piece of the Golden Gate Bridge home with them. The Golden Gate Bridge Furniture Company (GGBFC) has been creating limited edition furniture crafted from Golden Gate Bridge steel since 1994. GGBFC makes use of pedestrian handrails salvaged from the iconic bridge. The handrails, originally installed in the 1930's, were removed and replaced in 1994 because of deterioration from severe wind and salt air damage. [read more]


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