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Life by Design

San Francisco's going to have a big year this year and next, it seems. This is one of the more captivating projects coming up.

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Sam Lubell
Published: 21 June 2012, The Architect's Newspaper

"What if the West Span [of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge] wasn’t a bridge and instead were a canvas?” asked Ben Davis, founder of creative agency Words Pictures Ideas and man behind the The Bay Lights (TBL) some time ago. That question soon became the foundation for San Francisco’s latest high-tech public art project that’s got even Silicon Valley abuzz. With the support of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and major Silicon Valley bigwigs, TBL is planning to put up an ethereal light show 1.5 miles wide and 230 feet high covering the west span of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge. [read more]


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