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Books are some of the most enduring formats, but strangely with the coming of the digital age, many older books are getting left behind. Enter this Brooklyn Bookshop!

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Duncan Geere
Published: 20 Aug 2012, Wired UK

Courtesy of Singularity & Co.
With its dramatic cover art and fantastical story plots, science fiction dared readers to dream of amazing possible futures filled with aliens, robots, and all sorts of gadgetry. Now, ironically, some of the earliest books of the genre find themselves precariously near extinction, never to make it to the future they describe. Until Singularity & Co came onto the scene, that is.

Lawyer Ash Kalb, musician-anthropologist Cici James, stylist-writer Jamil V Moen, and former Gawker media community manager Kaila Hale-Stern are the intrepid crew behind the Brooklyn-based bookshop. Each month, Singularity & Co -- with the help of its community -- chooses one great out-of-print or obscure science fiction novel, tracks down the copyright holders and makes that work available in DRM-free PDF, Epub and Moni format for subscribers. [read more]


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