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Rose Tourje and Anew Foundation

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Text by: Carren Jao
Illustration by: Jessica de Jesus
Edited by: Elisa Huang
Published: 13 Sept 2012, GOOD

One day in May 2005, it rained furniture in downtown Los Angeles. From a fifth-story office window on Main Street, desks, drawers, bookcases, and every variety of office equipment were dumped unceremoniously down to the pavement below. Behind a chain link fence, Rose Tourje, then a senior associate at architecture firm Daniel Mann Johnson and Mendenhall, watched and was appalled at the waste. “It went on for a few days. All sorts of furniture you could imagine just came tumbling out the window.”

Every year, about four billion pounds of furniture, carpet and construction waste gets dumped into landfills across the United States, estimates Tourje. Many of it is in good working condition. “[In corporate interior design,] we were informed that materials were in abundance. There was a thrust for building bigger, better, but not for efficiencies and focusing in on a more holistic type of practice.” [read more]


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