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Bob Bates and Inner-City Arts

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Text by: Carren Jao
Illustration by: Jessica de Jesus
Edited by: Elisa Huang
Published: 04 Oct 2012, GOOD

At 40, arts teacher Bob Bates was still unsure what to do with his life. The artistic director for Para Los Ninos, a Los Angeles non-profit that caters to at-risk youth, Bates took to meditation to find clarity.

While meditating in his downtown Los Angeles loft, he finally found his calling.  “In the silence, I heard a man’s voice say very quietly, ‘Get an art space for kids,’” recalls Bates, “I thought at the time I couldn’t do it. Then I thought, wait a second what if this is really from God—from the Universe—who am I to go against that?” [read more]


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