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I don't think most people think of celebrating by the riverbank in Los Angeles. Hidden behind a lot of civilization is a spot of green (with a dash of history) that's perfect for those special moments. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Yosuke Kitazawa
Published: 05 Nov 2012, KCET

Wedding photo by Erin Hearts Court
Los Angeles, land of mystery draped in sunshine. You may think you know every inch of her terrain -- canyons, valleys and windswept sandy shores -- but you probably would be mistaken. Somewhere, there is still yet another facet of her left to be discovered, to be revealed only at the perfect time. In my case, another of those moments was about a month ago, when I first saw Natalie Montoya and Jeff Farrow's wedding photos.

Enveloped in pepper trees, fruit trees and flowers, Natalie and Jeff's nuptials seemed like a page out of a secret garden story, complete with an elegant hacienda background.
The setting was opulent, but also warm and appealing. All 200 of Natalie and Jeff's guests were basking under the warm afternoon glow and danced under the stars all night. It was perfect -- and it was all right here in Los Angeles. [read more]


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